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      My company formerly known as tonghua zunyi spring factory,Was established1997Years1Month,Located in the historic city in guizhou zhunyi inovance area。According to the need for the development of the enterprise2010Years10Month changed its name to guizhou zunyi springs tong chemical co., LTD,Is a private owned enterprise,Mainly engaged in the production、Development、Sales of flue-cured tobacco planting special pesticide。My company has a nearly hundred people collection development、Production、The sales team。Over the years our company based on science and technology as the guide、Hing people smoke for the purpose of policy,Add my company technical staff unremitting efforts,The development of innovation,And cooperation and related academic departments,Successfully developed a high quality“Spring card”Series of products“72%Isopropyl amine was a grass”(Weeds control vega)、“36%Butralin butter”(Tobacco bud inhibitors);Also comply with the national tobacco administration policy to increase the use of upper leaves of tobacco plant is put forward……
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